Ashrafieh 575 is ideally located for those seeking accessibility and comfort. All your destination choices are within reach.
Walking down Charles Malek’s avenue, you will cross major city landmarks like Mar Miter Church, Saint Joseph Hospital, Sagesse School, Center Sofil and Spinneys.
For your shopping sprees, just walk up south the avenue for 5 minutes, and step into renowned ABC next to Sassine Square and be exposed to its perfect blend of residential, business, retail and dining venues.
Enjoying the entertainment, shopping and fine dining experiences is only a few minutes away at the new waterfront and souks in downtown Beirut.


Achrafieh 575 is a modern structure of 13 floors. The architecture of the building incorporates green elements that give away the feel of sustainability.


The white and grey color scheme along with the smooth exterior, open spacious terraces and glass facades is esthetically appealing.


The entrance is a beautiful blend of modern material integrated into green landscaping in a transparent and open atmosphere.